Out of frustration, our founder Laileni created BESHEEK, a custom jewelry company for people of all ages. Unable to find the perfect pieces to complete her look for special occasions, Laileni handcrafted her own jewelry pieces. Little did she know that this experiment would lead to the birth of a brand that creates beautiful pieces of wearable art.

We strive to provide unique pieces that capture the essence of family and love, empowering people to express their individuality. We are committed to excellent customer service and creative design, making BESHEEK JEWELRY your choice inspiring creations.


Is to create a jewelry brand that inspires confidence and creativity in our customers. We strive to design, create and responsibly source unique and meaningful pieces that are crafted with the highest quality materials, allowing us to empower our customers to express themselves in a beautiful and meaningful way.


We strive to create a respectful, safe, and collaborative team enviroment where everyone can speak their mind, pursue personal/professional development, and be valued for their ideas. We value inclusivity and respect for all and commit to making a positive impact in the community.


"I was in search of the ideal jewelry for a wedding but couldn't find anything that met my standards, So, I decided to make my own, and thus, BESHEEK was born. Thirteen years later, BESHEEK is now available in three countries and ships over 70,000 units annually. I am dedicated to thoughtfully sourcing and designing jewelry that empowers and makes people feel special and beautiful. My aim is not to bring beautiful creations to the world but to make sure each customer feels the love and passion that goes into every piece.."

"With this same approach and mindset, I bring this same level of care and dedication to my team. I believe that by creating a supportive and inclusive environment, we can achieve great things as a team. Each and every team member plays an important role in the success of BESHEEK, and I want to feel proud to be a part of it. Whether it's through acknowledging their contributions or providing opportunities for growth, I am committed to ensuring that each team member feels like they are a valued member of our BESHEEK family."